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Self Employed? Your Tax Deadline Is Coming | Tax | Money Savings

| December 11, 2017 | 0 Comments

Frequently Asked Questions From The Self-Employed Do I really need to fill out a T2125? Yes. Even if you are a student with a summer job that paid you as a contractor, you should still report the income on a T2125 Form and claim reasonable business expenses. It may be tempting to enter the income on […]

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Street Style Huntress interviews Larkycanuck for | Media Mentions

Street Style Huntress interviews Larkycanuck for | Media Mentions

| December 1, 2017 | 0 Comments

I was recently interviewed by the lovely Aldona B, Calgary’s foremost street-style huntress, for portal. She managed to somehow combine the subjects of bizarre connections, Twitter, Arts Scene, and aspirations all in to this one piece. You can read it directly on the site by clicking on the image link above or download it […]

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OMG!!! I saw LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL and I liked it | Arts & Design

| November 21, 2017 | 0 Comments

At the Pumphouse Theatre in Calgary. It was like, so awesome!! Now I will admit I have not watched the original movie. In entirety. Maybe caught a few scenes of it now and then while flicking through channels. My wife did watch it. About 12 times. So when I saw the banner for the performance […]

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Curated tour of Southern Alberta over a long weekend

| November 11, 2017 | 5 Comments

The only thing I like more than taking a tour of a new place is to take a curated tour of a new place. Don’t get me wrong. I love the surprise effect when visiting new places, stumbling upon unexpected gems, and not having everything too planned out in advance. However, all that is fine […]

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Pepper, the Calgary bunny, visits Fernie | Budget Adventure Travel

| November 1, 2017 | 7 Comments

| Traveling with a bunny rabbit | It can be risky traveling with a pet at times. For Example. This is Pepper, our Canada trotting lionshead bunny. This is NOT Pepper. The key to a fun road trip with a pet in tow is being able to properly identify your pet before loading him/her in […]

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Is Elkwater the new Canmore | Budget Adventure Travel

| October 22, 2017 | 9 Comments

As a first time transplant from eastern Canada to western Canada, I first arrived in the Town of Canmore, situated 1.5 hours west of the City of Calgary, and was totally enchanted by the beauty of the view and lifestyle in this region. It was for this reason I decided settle in the Province of […]

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Mountain Meadow Horseback Riding Adventure | Budget Adventure Travel

| October 12, 2017 | 6 Comments

Mountain View is a hamlet within Cardston County in southern Alberta. It is located along Highway 5 about 25 kilometres (16 mi) west of Cardston and 20 kilometres (12 mi) east of Waterton Lakes National Park near the United States border. The Nelson Family Story We had the opportunity to visit the Nelson Family Ranch out here to experience our first horseback riding adventure on the Rocky Mountains. Dan Nelson […]

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Coaldale Birds of Prey Foundation | Budget Adventure Travel

| October 2, 2017 | 4 Comments

Colin’s Story The Birds of Prey Centre was founded in 1982 by Wendy Slaytor and Colin Weir as Alberta’s first volunteer wildlife rescue facility. What began as an act of personal endeavor and passion for saving the raptors, extended in to a lifetime of devotion of caring by a large group of volunteers to build, […]

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The Bushwakker Brewery of Regina | Budget Adventure Travel

| September 22, 2017 | 8 Comments

I never title any of my blogs after any brand or company so as not to confuse my readers in to thinking that I am specifically endorsing it. But this is one exception. Regina does not get its fair share of credit in the media or in social avenues as a tourist hub in Canada. […]

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Crossing the border can be taxing | Tax | Money Savings |

| September 12, 2017 | 0 Comments

Sharing the border with the U.S. means it is relatively easy to cross the border for a holiday or to visit an outlet mall. Infrequent visitors who are in the U.S. for 31 days or less a year are considered visitors and are not generally subject to U.S. income tax. However, Canadians spending more time […]

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