Larkycanuck is the pseudonym for the spirited, spontaneous and zestful Canadian. The Blog is focused on showcasing budget adventure travels for working families. Larkycanuck has traveled to over 15 countries, 38 cities in 10 years. He has never quit a job to do this. He travels with his wife and on some trips with the house rabbit (Pepper).

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Protected: Private Invitation Letter to Dr. Kevin Smith

Protected: Private Invitation Letter to Dr. Kevin Smith

| March 2, 2021 | 0 Comments

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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This place is becoming too Immigranty! | Social Commentary

| February 20, 2021 | 21 Comments

“They were not him, he was not them, yet they were all the same” I was waiting for the elevator along with another tenant in my apartment building in downtown Calgary. I commenced a courtesy chit-chat with this tenant. At one instance, I asked him how he liked living here (I meant in Calgary as […]

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My Tupperware List | Social Commentary

| February 10, 2021 | 11 Comments

Happy 2013 my dear readers. As with every new year, it is a time to once again dust off the lock box and pull out that dreaded LIST OF THINGS TO DO. brrr. One common defining aspect of such lists is that they are long. This may be the reason then that most lists never […]

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How to save money during an unemployment period | Tax | Money Savings

| February 5, 2021 | 9 Comments

Going through an unemployment period in one’s life is never fun. It is a phase that can lead to a lot of stress and disharmony in the self and family. However, after the initial stress and shock of unemployment has passed, this moment can also offer incredible opportunity to refocus one’s life and career plans. […]

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Two simple tips on tax savings over holiday season | Tax | Money Savings

| November 22, 2020 | 6 Comments

Holiday season is around the corner folks! The mood is festive, the gifts are flowing, the music is playing and the lights are growing. Yes, it indeed a very jolly good time of the year. But while this moment lasts for a short time for you, it happens to continue for a very long time […]

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Architectural Beauty of Fiorenza (Florence) | Budget Adventure Travel

| November 12, 2020 | 0 Comments

click on any image below to view large size slideshow and my tips & commentary Because I was in Florence and Pisa for only for 7 hours as part of port of call of the cruise ship, it was a rush job getting through so much. The port town of Livorno is located about 1 […]

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When in Rome do as I do! | Budget Adventure Travel

| November 2, 2020 | 5 Comments

Yes, seriously! I mean it. Especially if you are a first time tourist in this city and have limited time on hand to explore the colossal and historic magnificence of Rome and Vatican City. I will admit, I have never been as enchanted by any city I have been to so far as much as […]

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Navigating with the local Don of Amalfi Coast and Pompeii

| October 23, 2020 | 2 Comments

Michele is a big Don of southern Italy. Meet Don Michele (pronounced MEE-KHAIL-LAA). According to the custom of this region the word ‘Don’ is used as a courtesy title before the name of an important¬†man. As I learnt during my tour, Michele is indeed a very important man in the Amalfi Coast. First, he knows […]

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White Hat Project on NCL EPIC’s Captain | Budget Adventure Travel

| October 13, 2020 | 2 Comments

The White Hat Project – II This is the second White Hat Project story. You can read the earlier stories on the White Hat Project by clicking here. When I agreed to go on my first cruise trip on the world’s 3rd largest ship (the Norwegian Epic) I instantly knew who was going to be […]

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Norwegian Epic Cruise Ship | Budget Adventure Travel

| October 3, 2020 | 5 Comments

“Oh, HECK NO!” This is the first reaction most sane adults will have when asked to spend a week stuck with extended family members, cranky kids and all, within a +- 300 sqft cabin. On a ship. Traveling across the Mediterranean Sea. Well as soon as I had committed to taking the cruise trip with […]

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