Bermuda, oh Where Art Thou Bermuda?

| February 17, 2024

I have never been to anyplace during my travels that has captured me in a way I experienced in Bermuda. This British island territory in the North Atlantic carries an old world charm that perhaps is the way because of its unique mix of American and British culture.

Streets of St. George’s , Bermuda

As with most island destinations, Bermuda is relatively expensive but there are some deals that can certainly be found here during its Pink Season (off-season shoulder) and airfares from Atlantic USA are also available to suit travelers of all budgets. Keep in mind, dining options will still be expensive any given time of the year, with average entrée price around $25-$30 USD.

The Royal Naval Dockyard

Transit is readily available through two major bus routes that run the length of the entire island though keep in mind that doing a round trip can take a good hour or more depending on traffic conditions and time of day given that the major road is a two-lane commuter road. Car rentals are not readily available for tourists but there are plenty of electric vehicle options that are popping up on the island so do a search before planning your visit.

Stunning View from Grotto Bay Resort

Lodging options are plenty and English is primarily spoken on the island although French, German and Spanish speaking hotel concierge will be able to assist if needed. For those seeking convenience, proximity to airport, scenic view, and amenities, the Grotto Bay Beach Resort is an excellent choice for all travelers, especially families.

Located near the Grotto Bay Beach Resort are the majestic Crystal Caves of Bermuda – incredible formations of white stalactites covered with crystallized soda straws, surrounding a crystal-clear lake. The trek underground is an incredible experience but it will require some effort so in general it is not wheelchair accessible and not recommended for those who have shortness of breath or suffer from claustrophobia. However, the experience does not require you to journey down to the deepest levels of the Caves as visitors have the option to return from the first viewing point should they find the trek exhausting.

Crystal Caves Bermuda
Without the lights, the cave turns pitch dark

The Township of Hamilton is the heart of the Island with various shopping and entertainment options available here. This is also the financial and political capital of the Island. Visitors should keep in mind that nightlife options are not as prevalent here so many dining and nightlife options tend to close by evening. The ferry terminal is located in Hamilton and a highly recommended visit for adventure seekers should be to the Bermuda Aquarium and Museum as it contains unique marine life artifacts not found in most other places in the world. It also contains an interactive experience on the famous Bermuda Triangle mystery.

On the west extreme end of Bermuda is the historic Royal Naval Dockyard. It can be accessed through ferry from St. George’s (seasonal only) or by bus transit but it is the longest stretch of commute from St. George’s side by land. The Dockyard is converted to unique local shops and galleries so this is definitely a must visit and keep in mind that it can also be accessed easily from the ferry terminal in Hamilton. A must visit is the Dockyard Glass & Bermuda Rum Cake.

In front of the Bermuda Rum cake Factory at the Dockyard

No trip can be complete without a visit to the Historic St. George’s Parish located on the northeast end of the island. This is probably the quietest part of the island and somewhat isolated from the main hub of activities so if you are seeking solitude then this is the perfect place for you.

Someone got really tired of walking the streets to Horseshoe Bay
Horseshoe Bay
Streets of St. George’s

Like its namesake Bermuda Triangle mystery, I found myself being pulled in the charming world of this island. Perhaps it is the famous British hospitality combined with friendliness and easy going pace among the locals, or the time -journey to an era not found on the continental US or Canada, or simply cause there just doesn’t need to be any specific reason to feel drawn here. Perhaps it simply draws you in and that itself is all the reason in the world I need to return to Bermuda – the one and only place in the world I can see myself disappearing in to like the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

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