4 Things I Love About Shaw BlueSky TV

| July 20, 2021

Shaw BlueSky TV launched in the market in 2017 and I had the privilege of being one of its early adopters. Over a six month period I experienced something that I will call a ‘Renaissance in TV watching’. If readers are not familiar with Shaw BlueSky TV, check out my earlier post profiling the key features of it. There were numerous “wow” moments that I had experienced while using the service, some of which I mentioned in the earlier post. There were several other Wow! moments I discovered while using the service but it would not be fair to disclose all of them to the readers here as somethings are best left for readers to experience and discover while using BlueSky TV for themselves. However, there were four things that stood out among everything else that I will share on this post. While I have covered the technological superiority of the service in the earlier post, technology is good only so far as it has the ability to alter the way we feel about an experience. The following features did just that for me. So here the four things I absolutely loved about BlueSky TV.

Shaw BlueSky TV

1. Interactive Search Function

The verbal search function is clearly the highlight of the service. But it is more than just that novelty. It is an incredible intelli-search function that I have never seen before for TV. There was this one moment where I wanted to find something to watch that featured a particular actor. The problem was I could not recall his name. Or the name of one of his movies I may have seen before. Total blank. Ever had that moment?

I did recall a movie that featured him and another prominent actor, whose name I remembered. So I searched for the new actor by name on BlueSky TV and it listed all available movies to watch that featured this particular actor. As I scrolled through the movie list, I stumbled upon the one that co-starred the other actor. I clicked on the movie info and it listed all the cast names. Boom! There was the actor I was looking for and by clicking on his name I was able to find a list of movies available to watch that featured him. That was a Wow! moment.

Shaw BlueSky TV2. Motion sensitive handheld device light feature

Since BlueSky TV offers advanced features for accessing different programming, the remote control has various keys to search and surf the content. For those watching TV at night with room lights turned off, being able to view the key pads becomes challenging. While devices that light up when touched have been around for a long time, what I found interesting about the BlueSky TV devise is it gently turns on the back-light to display the pads as the device is moved. For reasons known only to me I found it to be a very soothing experience to see the device gently glow when picked up from the nightstand and gently turn off when in rest. Unlike previous devices, where I had to first press some keypad to turn on the light feature and inadvertently switching to a different channel, this device made it easy to locate the function I was looking for without current channel viewing interruption.

3. The ‘Last’ keypad feature on handheld device

Up until I experienced BlueSky TV, the so-called “Back” keypad on devices, was a function that reverted back to the previously viewed channel. That was it. On the BlueSky TV device the ‘Last’ pad will open up a timeline (history) of recently viewed channels or other programming. This was incredible as it allows for quick transition between multiple programs. So it is not simply a sequential “back” button that needs to be pressed repeatedly to back to previously viewed programs since the user can quickly scroll over to a point in time of prior viewed content.

4. The ‘Replay’ keypad feature 

This feature is beyond Wow! So how it works is if you commence watching a live program, but happened to have joined in after the program commenced, hitting the Replay pad will revert back the live program to the most recently saved segment  previous to the current time. The segment length is a default setting so depending on how late in to the show or program you started viewing, the feature essentially “time travels” back to previous segment length, in some cases to the beginning of the program.

I discovered this awesome page on Shaw Support that offers additional Tips and Tricks on enhancing the viewing experience with Shaw BlueSky TV –



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