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| August 12, 2023

Dec 31, 2011

After our trip in the local community we headed down the river to stop at another local forest community to meet with the Shaman and explore various medicinal plants and view demonstration of Shaman ritual.

Live Shaman Cleansing Ritual

Titi Monkeys

Spotted a pair of Titi Monkeys. They are endangered species and very rarely seen to human eye. They are extremely monogamous and pair up and mate for life. As above! Do you know which other species is monogamous? Leave a comment below. Ill be checking.

Samona Tree

Our tour group at the base of the largest tree in the Amazon forest. The entirety of the base trunk could not be captured on camera!

Achiote Fruit

The famous ‘dye’ fruit. The seeds are crushed to extract the dye and then applied on face coloring and design art.


River Dolphin

Observed a pair of tree sloths and a pink river dolphin. Did you know that dolphins do exist in rivers AND this species is the largest dolphin in the world! Heres to hoping SeaWorld does not show up anytime soon.

Amazon Swim

Our friends Andy and Stefie enjoy a swim in Laguna Grande. It was Stefie’s first time in the river. Quite brave considering the Piranhas Anaconda and Cayman are swimming in this same river.

NY Eve Supper at Lodge

Ricardo ‘Platon’ first time. Drinking that is.

Ricardo was one of the lodge assistants. They call him Platon for Plato as he is big in to philosophy.

Tourista Jairo with local toddy 47% Alchohol

As you can see Andy was the life of the party. No electricity. Just candles, iphones and the human spirit.

Guess Andy managed to show Platon the meaning of life.

Finished the night with everyone writing their NY wish on paper and burning it. We were going to have a bonfire. Then we realize our fuel source would be our huts!!! Well candle was next best thing.

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