Donde Esta Carol (finding lost love in Costa Rica) | Budget Adventure Travel

| September 24, 2022

Once upon a time, when I was young(er), I was absolutely smitten by one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. She was from Costa Rica. We met in Central New Jersey. At a KFC location. After initial courtship, we set a date for dinner. The date never took place. Dinner never happened. I never saw her again.

So after 13 years, I decided to pay a visit to this beautiful and peaceful nation to see if perhaps I may bump in to her. This is that story.

It all began one summer day in Somerville, New Jersey (pop: 12,423 in 2000 AD).

Donde Esta Carol (finding lost love in Costa Rica) | Budget Adventure Travel

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Yup! Somerville, NJ is as quaint a little town as it gets anywhere else in middle America. 

Donde Esta Carol (finding lost love in Costa Rica) | Budget Adventure Travel

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Notwithstanding its old school charms, Somerville does have its claim to fame. It is situated about a 45 minute drive time from downtown Manhattan (Warning: this timing is clocked at larkycanuck time. Individual results will vary).

It is also the birthplace of famed Hollywood westerns legend, Lee Van Cleef.

Donde Esta Carol (finding lost love in Costa Rica) | Budget Adventure Travel

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This is where I met Carol for the first time at a KFC location. She was behind the counter. She was from Costa Rica is what she said to me. I asked her out on a date. She said no. So I kept coming back everyday for lunch for the next one week to chat her up. She finally said yes. I finally gained 15 lbs. I also got written up for being late to work from lunch break at the job. [SACRIFICES my man, it’s all about SACRIFICES].

The evening of our planned date, I stopped by the KFC location to pick her up after her shift ended as planned. She wasn’t there. Apparently her cousin (also from CR) had heard about this tryst (it was the other girl who I had ignored through all this time who must have been the informant. Bitch!)


Life happened. Finally in 2013 I decided to visit Costa Rica on a lark. Hoping against all hopes to maybe stumble upon Carol. No address, no full name, no nothing. And so it began.

But the story does not end. Something did happen. But I leave it to my readers to play a part in this story formation. So respond to the quick poll below.

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Disclaimer: This journey could not have been possible without the loving support of Kaps Place Hotel B&B, in San Jose. This post is in no way affiliated to KFC and KFC did not sponsor any part of this story. It’s just I like their extra crispy chicken way too much. And up here in Canada we have Toonie Tuesdays (2piece & fries for $2). HooHa.

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  1. Linda Obert says:

    So where do we go to get “the rest of the story”, (Paul Harvey/Chicago)!!
    Is there a book? Title?

  2. Can’t wait to read the end of the story!!!

  3. Ok, I need to know 2 things: when will you add fashion here and did u see her again? 🙂
    Dee T