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| February 15, 2022

Once you travel through Peru, you realize this is a land full of enchanting and mysterious destinations.

Like the mysterious Nazca Lines.

Nazca Lines of Peru | Travel Adventures |

Can you spot the spaceman carved in to the mountain?

I had read about it in one of those unsolved mysteries of the world. No one knows for certain why and how these lines were drawn. Some claim it was a sort of calendar. The most popular belief is that it was done for some alien life form that perhaps used to visit this area. Here are some reasons why this belief stuck:

  1. The lines are huge in overall size. One had to have large mechanized equipment and knowledge of geometry to draw these lines and it is not certain if those who did this had either of these.
  2. The lines itself are mysterious since some are etched in the sand and centuries of wind erosion has not covered it.
  3. The drawings can be visible only from air as they are nearly camouflaged when seen from ground level. This raises the critical question about who was flying around back in those times.
  4. While most shapes drawn are of animals and birds, the most intriguing of all is the human like drawing (shown above) of something that looks like a man in a “space helmet” or an alien like creature.
Nazca Lines of Peru | Travel Adventures |

The Arbol Tree

There are total of 14 such lines or drawings that have been discovered to date.

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Manos Hands

Manos Hands

Nazca lines is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nazca Lines of Peru | Travel Adventures | Nazca Lines of Peru | Travel Adventures |

Nazca Lines of Peru | Travel Adventures |

The Aerodiana plane that will take you on the tour of the lines

To view the lines by air, one has to take a plane service offered by Aerodiana. However, it is highly recommended that you pre-book your tour before arriving at the airport as there is not much else do in the immediate vicinity. My tour was pre-arranged by Gate1 Travel as I was on their 11 Day Affordable Peru with Nazca Lines tour.

Caution: For those who suffer from altitude or motion sickness, please consult your doctor in advance of making a reservation. The planes you will fly on with this company are small (take a look at their website) and the pilots tend to swerve in nearly 45 degrees sideways to give best viewing ability, but this can cause extreme motion sickness to the even some of the most hardened air travellers. Also not recommended for those with high blood pressure or claustrophobia.

Get a preview of what it is like to be in one of the Aerodiana planes to view the mysterious Nazca Lines in Peru by clicking on this video below.

The terrain in this area is amazing.

Nazca Lines of Peru | Travel Adventures |

Lift off. Ocean one side, barren desert on another side.

Nazca Lines of Peru | Travel Adventures |

Sometimes sandy

Nazca Lines of Peru | Travel Adventures |

and suddenly fertile land in middle of nowhere

After the Nazca tour we headed to Paracas. This is an idyllic beach resort. There are two important stops to make here.


Nazca Lines of Peru | Travel Adventures | Nazca Lines of Peru | Travel Adventures | Nazca Lines of Peru | Travel Adventures | Nazca Lines of Peru | Travel Adventures | Nazca Lines of Peru | Travel Adventures | Nazca Lines of Peru | Travel Adventures |


I kid you not. This is no sponsored endorsement from the hotel. I paid full fare to be there (arranged through Gate1 Travel) and everybody in our tour was exalted by the resort

Nazca Lines of Peru | Travel Adventures | Nazca Lines of Peru | Travel Adventures | Nazca Lines of Peru | Travel Adventures |

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  1. We didn’t do the Nasca Line during our world trip (we skipped it), but I am glad you wrote about it… The video is quite interesting as I thought the plane would be much smaller (like the one we took in Botswana).
    When will you post about Machupicchu?

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    Once again, enjoyed your travel blog and the photos were beautiful too. I also liked the blog about Teaching Naked. I wonder what a male teacher would have thought if he had received the same comment? I imagine he would have been as annoyed and insulted. Sexism is sexism whatever the gender. I applaud the female prof for facing it head on and dealing with it.

  3. Stunning photos – thanks, too, for visiting/following my blog.