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| September 23, 2020

I mostly post on travel adventures in foreign countries (I am from Canada). But today I reverse the process and present the beauty of my hometown, Calgary, to the rest of the world. | Travel Adventures | Canada | Nose Creek Pathway Calgary

View looking south along rail tracks parallel to Deerfoot Trail (Hwy 2)

Scenic beauty is everywhere. It is sometimes this very privilege that most local inhabitants of a place tend to ignore. I remember my days living in New York City and never having visited once the Statue of Liberty (well I did but never climbed up) or giving much consideration to the historic significance when I took the elevators in the Empire State Building. Ho hum. Another local, another day. Big deal.

Well I regret not having cherished those moments then. Now I have made it a point to always admire and cherish what is around and within my day-to-day reality more than the wonders of discovering new lands and culture and attractions. | Travel Adventures | Canada | Nose Creek Pathway Calgary

View looking westbound along Beddington Trail and Rocky Mountains in far distance

There is this nature path in the north-east part of the City of Calgary, called Nose Creek Pathway. It runs through the rolling hills on which new settlement was developed over the past 20 years. It is also located very close to the Calgary International Airport.

To me, adventure travel is defined as the walk through a path of the unknown that slowly reveals itself piece by piece like a chocolate bar being unwrapped slowly. Is it the unraveling of the piece to see the thing in entirety or the act of walking itself while the pieces unravel one by one that intrigues me the most, I do not know. I am sure it is the same with you, the reader. | Travel Adventures | Canada | Nose Creek Pathway Calgary

The Nose Creek pathway is a long rambling trail that can be easily hiked, jogged or biked out. Given the rolling hills, this is one cross-training program no treadmill in the gym can offer.

The views are spectacular just as well. There is no greater feeling than to be lost from the humdrum of daily life and immerse oneself in the natural wonders of the landscape. I once caught myself about to tread over a field snake that was basking in the sun on the middle of the path. Good thing I spotted it in time and stopped. | Travel Adventures | Canada | Nose Creek Pathway Calgary

Imagine holding a relic from per-historic times when the dinosaurs walked this earth (or maybe even before they arrived!). Well there are two naturally formed rock formations (actually a large boulder that was cut in half over centuries through glacial movements). | Travel Adventures | Canada | Nose Creek Pathway Calgary

Natural rock formations survived through the “ice age”

There is an inscription nearby the boulder that explains the phenomenon of the split rock. | Travel Adventures | Canada | Nose Creek Pathway Calgary


Once upon a time, the native inhabitants of the region used to camp on this site and herd their buffaloes. This was perhaps a great meeting ground for transitory movements of nature and man. It is amazing how steady and yet so transient nature can be.

This is Calgary. | Travel Adventures | Canada | Nose Creek Pathway Calgary

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For more information on Calgary, visit the Tourism Calgary website.

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  1. careerbabs says:

    Hi Larky,

    Just wanted to let you know that I read the blog on Nose Creek and really enjoyed your musings and the photos. It did make me feel like I knew a little bit more about your hometown. 

    It also let me to the gift of the White Hat and I loved the story.  I think you should continue on the White Hat stories and put them altogether in a book – perhaps you can get funding from a Calgary institution or government department.  Worth considering.


  2. Robert says:

    Fabulous Pics. One Must Visit Calgary at least once in the life time.

  3. Shirlene says:

    Hi Larky,

    I enjoyed reading your blog about Nose Hill Creek trails – and I sure want to explore them someday.

    My issue is that I’m a senior – and need to use a mobility scooter to get more than a block. Is it possible to ride a mobility scooter over these paths?

    I have already rode around a bit of Fish Creek park – and I adore it. I’m so thankful to have such a large and beautiful park in Calgary.

    But I want to find more trails to explore – and tell my friends all about. I believe that just because you have limited mobility – you don’t have to stop enjoying nature trails.

    Please tell me of any wheelchair accessible trails around Calgary – or even outside of Calgary. Especially going west into the mountains. I know there are many seniors and disabled that need to get out and renew their spirits in nature – so please help us discover new places to enjoy and explore.


    • larkycanuck says:

      Hello Shirlene

      The city of Calgary and Parks Canada will have information on mobility options on their trails and parks. Nosecreek is wheelchair accessible for the most part.