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| November 30, 2023

Remember that movie with Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell – A night at the Roxbury, where their characters, brothers Doug and Steve Butabi, pitch the ingenious idea to club owner Zadir (Chazz Palminteri) about the unique club concept where the building exterior is constructed to resemble the interior of a nightclub, and the interior resembles a street.

Although the movie storyline was set in Los Angeles, I am convinced that the writers must have gotten the inspiration for that line from Miami, Florida. Ill show you why below.

Vibrancy and color defines Miami architecture. Some schools consider it garish and tacky. Subtlety is not Miami. But hey! its different and unique from almost any other City I have ever been to.

This is a famous building that I can’t seem to recollect the name of (reader input is welcome!) and you can notice the mix of Art-Deco and post-modernism styles.

Tower Theater in Little Havana

This is one of the stops on the Big Bus tour. Love how the Art-Deco style is well preserved. The adjacent lot is an open social gathering point (Domino Park) for all Cubans and other Latin American expats living in the City. People (mostly old men) sit around, smoke cigars, drink rum, and play boardgames. Observation 1 of an outside party.

Building in Little Havana

I think I saw this building along Ponce De Leon Boulevard. I took it not for the building itself, but for the black & white sketches plastered along the columns. Just love how no space is wasted.

Little Havana seen from top of Big Bus Company tour bus

Miami Skyline

Driving along Biscayne Boulevard

Art Mural on the underside of causeway bridge

Now look at that. Who ever gives any notice to an underside of a bridge! Like I said, no space is wasted in the City. Just loved this.

Artwork on a Billboard

Stop Stop!! I can’t take this anymore. Like to see artwork instead of beer ad on a billboard is so unique. Somebody take me back to reality. Just Kidding.

Downtown Miami

The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant at Bayside Marketplace.

What! Me Forrest?

Inside Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. Recognize who?

Busker performing at Bayside Marketplace

Observation 2 of party happening outside.


Parking Garage along Collins Avenue

Collins Avenue is like a miracle mile of some of the hottest shopping and entertainment spots one can find in this City. I noticed this parking garage that was covered with green wall. I really admire how developers and municipality have paid attention to so much detail in what would be considered mundane objects.

The world’s largest art-deco style architectural buildings are located right here in Miami most of which are on Miami Beach. The next set of photos captures some of this incredible art-deco style I observed along Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive. I was only there during daytime so I missed the famous neon lit night-scape of both strips.


Observation 3 of party being outside.



Loved the pastel colors. Miami Vice inspiration.


Classic Art-Deco style with plain lines and simple angles.

I forget the name of this hotel but its located on Collins Avenue in North Miami Beach area. This architecture is signature style of Morris Lapidus from the 1950s. Love the ‘Champagne’ windows along the front.

Miami Street walks

See those paved stonework above! Its all over the City. Even this involved a Brazilian artist who designed this for the Planners. I mean look at ow detailed and expansive the City is about its street art cred.

Two other important things come to mind about Miami.

The Coconut Grove Art Festival is the #1 outdoor fine arts festival in the World. Miami is also home to the largest congregation of holocaust survivors.

So to the people of Miami – your city has amazed me in a way I never experienced anywhere else in USA. The City where the party is always outside, where the art is on every unexpected spot. Ill be back!

Pink Cadillac taken on Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

For more info on travel planning go to VISITFLORIDA, the Official Travel Planning Website for the State of Florida.

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