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| October 31, 2023

December 28, 2011

Mariscal Sucre International Airport Quito

Arrived at Quito after an awesome flight from Miami. High elevation. Takes a day or two to get used to the air volume for those coming from sea level areas. Since we came from Calgary, the adjustment didn’t take long.

Presidential Chamber

Public tours of the inside are allowed.

Inside the Presidential Chamber


Gorgeous Heritage buildings still intact and well maintained

Great view of El Panecillo with the statue of Virgin Mary seen in the backdrop

Quito’s Virgin Mary statue located on El Panacillo

The best place to shop for local artifacts – El Panacillo market

Artisinal Market Quito

Mama Clorinda – The place to Eat authentic Ecuadorian food

Ecuador currency is the US Dollar. So things are not cheap per se, especially in touristy areas. This restaurant is located in La Mariscal, the central district and also referred to as ‘New Town’. We had the best Ecuadorian food here despite being a frequent jaunt of tourists. Even the locals recommended this place to us. This is what we ate here.

Lamb and Rice mix

Ceviche-Fish cured in fresh lime

Humita-Corn and yam mix

There was also Cui – Guinea Pig which is a local delicacy that I tried. It tasted very oily and rubbery. Didnt enjoy that so much.

La Mariscal central area

The financial district of Quito

Great view of Quito

We stayed at B&B Hostal Villa Nancy which is located in the heart of the City in La Mariscal. Public transit is easily available to anywhere right in front of there. It is very clean and cosy and not just for backpacker types. While there we met only couples from different countries. They have a German Sheppard named Kalpa living with them. very friendly guy. But if you are scared or allergic to dogs, then this might not be the place for you. Co-owner Joffre (below) is very warm and helpful. I must say he went out of his way to help us catch our bus to Lago Agrio otherwise our Amazon rainforest tour would not have happened. Remember: don’t blindly trust your tour operator. Confirm, Confirm, Confirm!

The room we stayed in at Villa Nancy B&B

One thing about Quito is cab rides are very cheap! Just remember to engage in Spanish. Most drivers don’t speak English. I found the Frommer’s Spanish PhraseFinder and Dictionary of immense help as a quick reference guide to get around in this City.

And make sure their meter is on OR ask them in advance how much. Ask your tour operator or hotel concierge on typical rates to destinations from your location. This will give you an idea what they should charge. General rule of thumb, if you are paying more than $10.00 for a ride in the City you are likely getting ripped off! Sucker!

Another gorgeous Cathedral

Centro De Arte Contemporaneo De Quito

Centro De Arte Contemporaneo De Quito

You can see I have a thing for cool staircases. The Centro De Arte Contemporaneo De Quito is located in Old Town and one of the coolest museums I have been at. It used to be an infirmary back in the days. Must see!

Acknowledgement: The locations and restaurants listed above were recommended by Lonely Planet Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands (Country Guide), which I found immensely useful during my pre-travel research. I am not affiliated with or being compensated in any form by Lonely Planet, Amazon and any affiliates. I am a voluntary survey panelist for Lonely Planet. I found the Frommer’s Spanish PhraseFinder and Dictionary of immense help as a quick reference guide to get around in this City. I am not affiliated with or being compensated in any form by Fommer’s.

Image Source: amazon.com

Image Source: amazon.com

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  1. skinnywench says:

    Loved this place = thanks for reminding how much 🙂

  2. Andrew Howe says:

    You used your time well in “my city”! I love Quito and although it’s not Disneyworld (crime is nuts here) I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Nice article.