Vancouver Aquarium a Delight for Adults and Kids

| February 2, 2023


Vancouver Aquarium

There is never any harm done or shame in feeling like a kid again no matter how old one gets. Do you recall that thrill you got last time you did something spontaneous with another adult or a child that made you feel all giggly and happy like the little kid you were?

If you did then it’s awesome. If can’t recall such a moment in life, you definitely need to get out more!

It was that exact feeling of feeling innocence and joy like a child that I felt at the Vancouver Aquarium.

It is located in Stanley Park in Vancouver. The park itself is another delight that one should experience on any visit to this city. [I have not covered the park specifically on my blog as I leave it to the readers to discover that enchanting place. However, a photo gallery of the park is at the end of this post]

Vancouver Aquarium

The aquarium recently underwent a major expansion (The Big Reveal) that has opened as of this publication date. Check out the new additions post expansion.

Vancouver Aquarium

While one can spend hours or a whole day going through the space (they even do sleepovers!), for those short on time I recommend setting aside a minimum hour and half in here so that you can catch at least one of the live aqua demonstrations. Combine this with your visit to Stanley Park.

Vancouver Aquarium Vancouver Aquarium Vancouver Aquarium Vancouver Aquarium

While at the Vancouver Aquarium, do stop by their Gift Shop. Assuming that the brewer is the same from the time that I paid a visit, the coffee in there is THE BEST EVER! Do try it and let me know what you think. All purchases made in the gift shop directly fund their research, education and conservation programs. It is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year and Vancouver Aquarium members also receive a 20 percent discount on every purchase. 

Vancouver Aquarium Vancouver Aquarium Vancouver Aquarium Vancouver Aquarium

In support of the conservation efforts at the Aquarium, I am hosting a competition for my readers. A very simple contest called the #ILoveVanAqua Contest. The winner will receive this plush toy bought from the Gift Shop from me shipped for FREE anywhere in the world! (See contest details below).

Win ME!

Win ME!


  1. Visit the Vancouver Aquarium.

  2. Check out the gallery of photos below taken from within the Aquarium.

  3. The photos are hints to a live exhibit inside. I have taken a partial shot of it. Clues and Hints are provided.

  4. Your goal is to locate the exhibit using the clues below and take a full snapshot of the exhibit.

  5. Share it using one of the three options below.

  6. Follow me on Instagram and share the photos using the tag #ILoveVanAqua. If you don’t follow me I will not know about it.

  7. Follow me on Twitter or Tweet me directly (@larkycanuck) with photo and using hashtag #ILoveVanAqua.

  8. Follow my ILoveVanAqua Contest Pinboard on Pinterest. Under any pin use the comment box to input just your email. I will authorize your email to allow you to pin directly on this board.

  9. If none of the above options is feasible, then you may email me at with your photos attached. Include subject “ILoveVanAqua CONTEST”.

  10. The contest is open indefinitely until the first person to submit all photos correctly is declared the winner.

Below is the photo gallery of Stanley Park that I promised to share with you. These images are NOT THE CLUES for the contest. Only the five images preceding are the clues to the contest.

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