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| February 12, 2023


As a part-time travel blogger, I have to gear up with the right tools for the trips in order to capture images and write content. Of course gone are the days, when travel writers had to lug around hefty camera bags, tripods, video equipment and writing journals. Today’s iPhones, Instagram, iPads, and compact cameras (latter, if at all) have made it possible to do all required while carrying items in your palm, pocket or backpack. Carrying stuff around is a common chore for most travel bloggers. But mine comes with a catch. Actually two.
  1. Since I combine professional media tours organized by local agencies, PR firms or tour operators, I have to also maintain a professional image (think casual Friday’s!) while on travel.
  2. Since most of my travel involves adventure activities requiring some level of exertion and roughing it out on the streets/jungles/villages/swampland (so forth), I also require ruggedness and durability in my accessories.
Most of the generic electronic gadgets and accompanying accessories in the market do not combine both STYLE and DURABILITY. An exception to this is The Snugg iPad mini Executive Case Cover.

Snugg Ipad mini Executive case

I was asked to review this product for my iPad (secret: I don’t own an iPad. Yet) so instead I decided to try it on my Blackberry Playbook. Hey now, stop that snicker. My Playbook has been my trusted friend and survived journeys through volcanoes, Amazon jungle, and dusty streets of Calcutta.
So the Playbook fit “snuggly” in to the test case that I received (exact same grey one you see in the image).
The leather is rich and has an elegant feel to it. The stitching is detailed and not a single thread was loose. It comes with a stylus/pen loop and the case also functions as a flip stand. The inside also has various slots to hold business cards and some paper.

Snugg Ipad mini Executive case

I tested the product at home and on my recent media trip to Las Vegas. The cover held up quite well and not once did I have to worry about my tablet slipping out of there. Most importantly (for me), I was able to present myself in style to the Tourism PR and Media folks in Vegas while holding the Snugg case in hand to my meetings. In fact, some of them commented on the style and inquired about the brand. Imagine that!
Another fun feature of the Snugg case is that it can also function as a car seat monitor.

Snugg Ipad mini Executive case

Things I liked about the Snugg Executive case:
  • Stylish
  • Good quality finish
  • Durable
  • Cleans easily
  • Multi-functional
The Snugg comes with a lifetime guarantee that you can check out on their site. For the vegans and eco-conscious folks, they also make covers with denim so if leather puts you off, you still have options. Plus, they also make covers for other gadgets. Check out the entire selection of covers on Snugg website.
When not making cool covers, they also make cool cheeky ads. Like this one.

Disclaimer: I was sent one case for testing and review as described and shown in this post. There was no monetary compensation provided for my commentary and no obligation to provide the review. I only write a review of a product if it solves a problem for me. In this case it did. So I wrote. Now if only the folks at Apple would send along an iPad for review………………………………


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