Vegas By Night: A Unique Experience

| February 22, 2023

I had never been on a helicopter ride at night until my first adventure of flying in one to see the glittery lights of Las Vegas.

View of the Strip

Vegas by night from the ground is undeniably spectacular but a view from the air offers a totally different perspective.

I flew with Maverick Helicopters for this incredible experience. The fly-by over the famous hotels of Vegas makes one feel the awe and respect for this man-made oasis in the desert.

DWS 146

The experience begins with the arrival at Maverick’s exclusive terminal at the south end of the Strip where you can relax on the couch sipping on champagne (complimentary for all flyers) while waiting for your ride.

Once you get seated inside the helicopter by the pilot, you put on the headsets to listen and communicate with the pilot and your co-passengers.

I am bad at flying in small air-crafts. So I was a bit tense prior to take-off but as soon as we were up, all thoughts of anxiety were out as the ride is surprisingly gentle and smooth.

Fact: You just may be traveling in one of the rides flown by your favorite screen idol such as Sandra Bullock, Leonardo DiCaprio or your favorite rock band such as Motley Crue.

Our ride was on the Eco-Star (EC-130) made by Airbus Helicopters. I don’t know anything about helicopters besides the fact that you never approach one from behind! But this ride was smooth as I mentioned earlier and the plush interior is like that of the inside of a stretch limo. All seats are front facing and ever passenger gets a great viewing experience even if not seated beside a window or door. And yes, the inside is air-conditioned.

Hint: This tour is particularly popular among couples and newlyweds. On my flight it was all couples – from Canada, Brazil, China, USA. Guys, if you want to treat your significant other or need to get out of the doghouse) a surprise flight on this tour is going to do just that. Ladies, if your significant other is that dense up there to do this themselves, go ahead and make it happen for the both of you.

Maverick Helicopter

Source: Maverick Helicopters

Your judgement on the experience is not just based the aerial view or the style of the ride or even the flying skills of your pilot. It is also going to be based on the music playlist custom created by your pilot!

Some interesting facts about Maverick and this tour:

  • 30,000+ guests a year on the Vegas Nights flight

  • Over 225,000 guests flew with Maverick in 2013

  • They are the largest helicopter operator in Las Vegas

  • Top safety record among all operators in Vegas

Money Saving Tip: Look out for special offer coupons by clicking this link to combine tours with other experiences in town and save a huge bundle as a package over individually priced tickets for the same. 

Disclaimer: Maverick provided this experience as a complimentary tour for media review. All comments are my own.

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