Travel ‘Must Haves’ for The International Adventurer on a Budget

| July 25, 2020

Traveling on a budget can be amazing, and sometimes overwhelming when you’re not sure what you really need. Loads of websites will tell you what to take on your holiday, and most of those sites are dead wrong. Next thing you know, you’re in Thailand wearing long sleeves in a heat wave, or worshiping the porcelain goddess after eating dog.

C,mon hop in and don't ask.

C,mon hop in and don’t ask.

Whether your travel dream is beach bound, a city break, a weekend in the woods, or an exotic getaway, these ‘must haves’ are the best essentials to pack before you go!

Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

Sometimes we just don’t think, or say “I’ll get it when I get there”. If you are internationally bound on your adventure, do not leave home without it! Seriously. Sunscreen, toothpaste, anti-sick pills, electrolyte tablets-all of these are great to have on hand and are all available on the cheap at Walgreens. Especially when certain countries don’t have the same SPF laws, or toothpaste is mainly lemon flavored, or you do indeed eat tainted meat. You’ll want to get back to your adventure quickly.

Nighty Night, Sleep Tight

Nothing is more horrible than checking into a hostel or hotel with creepy crawlies between the sheets, or waking up with some sort of flying cockroach spider thing on your face. Check out Home Depot’s selection of mattress covers and protectors, mosquito nets, travel blankets and pillows to help you sleep tight on your holiday.

Hey, is that a carrot cake you are eating?

Hey, is that a carrot cake you are eating?

Dress for Travel Success

Pack active-wear style clothing no matter where you go. Some blogs will actually tell you, you have to stay covered everywhere in Asia. No. That is a lie…a very, dirty, hot lie. Mostly, you just need to cover your shoulders in temples–a bathing suit cover-up doubles nicely.

Also, check the local weather forecast to get an idea of what you really need. Always have something for rain, something for warm days, and a light sweater–unless you’re going to Antarctica. You never know when you might need hiking sandals for the Rain Forest, or water shoes for snorkeling with barracuda. Check out hot Groupon deals at Sports Authority, Finish Line, American Eagle for great online offers on all your travel apparel needs.

Pepper the traveling bunny

Electric Avenue

Most of us can’t live without our smart phone, tablet, camera, or hair dryer. For all your power supply needs, get a universal adapter. They usually work in up to 33 different countries, and have a built-in converter. Home Depot has them for around twenty bucks and they are super durable. Nordstrom is also a great place to look for adapter essentials if you’re a tech savvy traveler.

Ill just sit on this bench until somebody comes up and pets me

Ill just sit on this bench until somebody comes up and pets me

This One’s For The Ladies

Dear Ladies, this little accessory is just for you, and if you’re traveling with a female friend get her on-board with this advice! Invest in a Shewee. Seriously. Best thing ever! It makes you wee like a man. No squatting over holes or porta-potties. Compact, lightweight, and sleek in style, you’ll never pee on yourself again and keep your fanny parasite-free with the Shewee.

Hey lets get a move on already!

Hey lets get a move on already!

Featuring Pepper! The Traveling Bunny!

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